Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Caley Hates Sweeping Generalizations about States

I must admit I’m a Hoosier (meaning: I’m from Indiana), and yeah, I went to Northwestern with you Cy. I got out. I was born and raised in a small “suburb” of Indianapolis, and I think I just reached my limit of being told I’m from the “South of the North.” Northern state pomposity gets a bit tiring, especially when I recall William Faulkner or Mark Twain. Though I live in Ireland now while I am working on my master’s dissertation, I recall with fondness the wide open spaces of my home state, apart from the chaos of Chicago and the inevitable urban/liberal elitism you so succinctly represent.

Have you spent any time in Indiana apart from pit stops along I-65? You can pick up some nice fireworks and pornography along the highway, but that’s hardly representative of the entire state. I suppose we should all prefer your Midwest state, Minnesota, which boasts former governor Jesse Ventura. Also, Gary is the well-known armpit of America, not Indiana, and that’s basically south-side Chicago isn’t it? Indiana cannot be held responsible for the actions of underpaid steel workers.

I’m a strong advocate that only people from Indiana can mock Indiana. I certainly do, as when pointing out the subtle naming of neighbouring “Whitestown” to visitors or marvelling at the size of our churches. But, intelligent people have come out of Indiana and a good number of Democrats too. Kurt Vonnegut is one of our own (RIP). Sweeping generalizations, while certainly your speciality, seem especially ironic when applied to our supposed racial prejudice. So lay off Indiana will you? I’m scared for Obama too (with the other Democrats Abroad).


Cy said...

Yeah, if you're not a big fan of sweeping generalizations or irony, this might not be the blog for you. I believe somebody in the comments of my first post accused me of writing something so ironic that it might end existence as we know it.

I am well aware of the faults of my home state, and when somebody mentions a collapsing bridge or former pro-wrestling governor, there's not much I can do but shake my head. All of my observations about Indiana are based on people I've met and experiences I've had. You may be nothing like any of those people, and if so, then I'm sorry for calling you Larry the Cable Guy. But try not to be so sensitive.

Mikey K said...

How awesome is this that everyone who ever reads this blog jumps on at my very whim. I have a list of demands when i show up in Wrigleyville on Thursday night, and I expect all of them to be fulfilled quickly and without complaint. Dance, monkeys!

Mikey K said...

caley, this level of pointed hatred is something this blog has been severely lacking. a bit much and directed specifically at cy for my tastes, but for your first entry i have to say i'm quite impressed. i hear dublin is beautiful in the spring, so it's obvious that the cyatollah has struck a nerve. keep up the hate! i want something weekly from you now. what do you hate about dublin? i know i hate people with fake accents. keep up the good work!