Monday, June 9, 2008

K Hates Cedric Benson

As the fourth overall pick in 2005, to one of the proudest franchises in the NFL, Cedric Benson entered the NFL in tears. Ced was one of the greatest running backs in Texas Longhorn history, the biggest of big dogs at one of the nation's most famous football factories. The dude runs for over 5000 yards in his college career, wins the Doak Walker Award, and fucking cries when he gets drafted!

Right then and there, the Bears should have gotten out. Less than four years later, Cedric Benson is a former Bear. Do I hate that? No, I don't hate it, I love it. I hate that I had to cheer for Benson for the past three years, and all he did was disappoint the organization, his teammates, and Bears fans.

Benson held out for the entire 2005 training camp in an all-too-common rookie contract dispute. Once he starting playing, he had no idea how to pass block and was quite ineffective his rookie year. While other top running backs like Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams were performing for their teams, Benson was sulking behind Thomas Jones and his season ended prematurely due to an MCL sprain.

2006-07 was a much better year for #32 as well as the entire Bears franchise. The Monsters of the Midway rode on the back of a dominant defense and strong dual-attack running game to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Benson actually played somewhat decently during this season. In penultimate contest, however, Ced got lit up on his first carry, fumbled the ball away and did not return to the game due to a phantom leg injury. The Indianapolis Colts claimed the Super Bowl title, leaving Bears fans to wonder what could've been.

So getting to the Super Bowl is a pretty nice accomplishment for an organization and a second year running back. Being the prima donna that he is though, this was not enough for Ced. The Bears decided to trade their workhorse back, Thomas Jones, to the New York Jets and give the highly drafted, expensive, and unproven Benson the starting running back position. Benson started the season by leaving a pre-season game early, pissing off all the vets. He then got hurt and was ineffective, losing his starting spot to Adrian Peterson (the journeyman from Georgia Southern, not Purple Jesus).

After the season, Benson got arrested twice in five weeks for alcohol related crimes. First he gets a BUI, then a DUI, both in Austin. You're a million-dollar athlete and you can't even find someone to drive your boat or limo?

Today, June 9, the Bears finally cut Benson's ass to the curb after three tumultuous seasons. The running back cupboard is pretty bare too, with Garrett "Mini-Me" Wolfe, AP, and rookie Matt Forte as the few guys left. Here's hoping Forte is nasty. At the very least, Cedric Benson is someone else's problem now.


Alex said...

You have nothing to complain about.

As a lifelong Broncos fan, I was forced to cheer for someone who fathered 9 children with 9 different mothers who smokes weed and while trying to make those payments tried to buy some bling with a bad check.

Benson is a saint compared to Travis Henry. And every single team has had someone who has committed some kind of domestic violence / DUI crime. But 9 kids with 9 mothers! And he makes millions of dollars and still can't make all of his child support payments. You can't beat that.

At least Benson seemed like a decent guy. Henry is just a scumbag and a half.


Mikey K said...

Nuprin, the biggest thing that makes me angry about Benson is how little he performed relative to his sky-high expectations as the fourth overall pick. The guy basically stole money. I know every team has dbags off the field, just liek any sport or really any office in the country. I'm pissed because he's a big money guy who never could cut it.

Rashaan Salaam, Curtis Enis, Cedric Benson. If the Bears ever select another first round running back under Jerry Angelo, I think I might lose it.

Mikey K said...

You also were able to cheer for Terrell Davis...