Thursday, April 10, 2008

Candice hates college basketball players who wear t-shirts under their jerseys


So this might not seem like a big deal, but it has bothered me forever. What is with college hoops players who insist on wearing t-shirts under their jerseys? It looks ridiculous, no one in the NBA does it (so it's clearly not cool), and it has got to hinder their play somehow, to have these billowy poof sleeves flapping about all the time (like a Cinderella dress or something... Kira, what would the correct term be?)

I tried to be reasonable and come up with some reasons as to why this is the case:

1) It's cold - okay, no one else on the court is cold enough to wear a t-shirt... deal with it.

2) You have skinny/flabby arms - this is like the girl's equivalent of not wearing shorts/swimsuits because you don't like your thighs, except you are playing college ball. You spend countless hours a day in the weight room or at practice. Get over it.

3) You want to be different - congrats...

4) You have hairy armpits - shave.

I feel like when I'm watching them play all I focus on is the flap flap of their sleeves against the flap flap of their arms. It's like an ultimate player wearing a cape that attaches to their wrists so that when they hold their arms out on a mark the cape becomes some sort of armpit webbing that obscures your view of down-field.

Who needs the armpit webbing/odor and sweat repository anyway? Maybe there's a rule that you can't wear the t-shirts in the NBA so players bite the bullet and stop. Or maybe as a rookie you'll get razzed so badly and forced to carry so many bags, shine so many shoes and lick so many gym floors that you'll put the t-shirt away and hit the weights. Or maybe there's a fashion police to the likes of Amare Stoudemire and Shaq who will threaten you with punches to the kidneys if you dare humiliate their team like that. Who knows, but either way, the flappy sleeves have got to go.


Cy said...

Corey Brewer definitely used the skinny arm excuse. He's 6'9" and weighs 185 pounds. To put that in perspective, he has 11 inches on me and weighs about 10 pounds more. But still, who cares? Like there aren't any other tall, scrawny guys playing college ball?

Roy Hibbert doesn't surprise me, he kind of looks like a pussy.

crash-dev said...

I hate this less than I hate all the NBA players who wear the Underarmor cutoff shit. You know they just stare at themselves in the mirror for an hour before and after they put that on.

Note: I'm cool with the arm things, and I'm kinda neutral on the tights because Kobe wears them and he can do whatever he wants.

Candice should have just shortened her title to "Candice hates college basketball players"

Cy said...

I'm pro everything that looks cool. Therefore, arm sleeves: good. Black tights on black players: good. White tights on anyone: bad. Keith Van Horn: bad.

anna said...

One amendment to the arm sleeves: if you are Allen Iverson, anything you wear sucks at all times because you are Allen Iverson.

Candice said...

The tights is another thing I think looks ridiculous, but I couldn't fit it in the title. Vince Carter did it too, and everyone hates Vince. At this point, NBA players should just go to leotards and call it a day.

Dave said...

The NBA banned the tights after the 2005/06 season. The worst I ever saw was Jason Williams wearing a pair of white tights under his home Miami Heat uniform. That was atrocious.

Patrick Ewing started the undershirt at Georgetown, right? This is an interesting angle:

Candace Parker took it to a new length in the women's NCAA tournament. This must have been for some sort of medical reason:

I like the t-shirts underneath, myself.

Brendon said...

Note: short-sleeved undershirts are against uniform code in the NBA. And, yes, Patrick Ewing was the first player of not to wear the undershirt in college.